4 November 2006. Springdale, Utah. 3:00pm

     I'm winding down my massive road trip through the Western US and finishing up in Zion National Park in Southern Utah. I'll keep these comments short, as I'm not prepared to make any kind of summary conclusions right yet. I will say that, in the spirit of my Sierran trips in '04, I'm ready to move on a little bit and explore new ground. Most of the areas I travelled through I'd been before and was revisiting at a different time of the year. It's time to start moving a little farther off the beaten path. It's also time to switch back to being an outdoorsperson first and photographer second, as amazing as that might sound. I've shot roughly 100 gigs worth of photographs but haven't done any climbing or serious canyoneering. I'm looking forwards more to new adventures than new prints, so... And right now, all the photography is starting to feel a little bit selfish. Hopefully other people are enjoying it, but I need to get back to something that has a larger effect on the world.
     Here, preliminary work from Oak Creek Canyon and Zion.

Just to remind us that we're in the desert, another of my favorite subjects, agave yucca.

Oak Creek, Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona.

The Virgin River in Zion.

Orange maples near the Temple of Sinawava.

Yellow maples near the mouth of Hidden Canyon.

North Creek, Zion.

Sunset behind Smithsonian Butte.

Yellow maples near at the mouth of the Narrows.


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