30 September 2006. Writeup from the Tetons. 3:30pm

     I found myself with a little longer time in the Tetons than I'd expected. I'd hoped to do an observation at the Journeys School in Jackson, but they were out on a trip in the Winds, so I ended up having almost ten days in the area--longer than most places this trip. The weather got bad about halfway through, with temperatures in the high thirties and rain on the valley floor, with snow on the surrounding peaks. I wore my down jacket inside my sleeping bag the two nights I was backpacking (with an ultralight 30-degree bag). I hit the emotional low point of the trip during this weather, when every single hotel in town was full (and even Motel 6 was $110/night), so I set up the tent in the aforementioned high-thirties rain. Just a time when I was wondering what the heck I was doing and whether the next two months was going to follow in a similar vein. Thankfully, after a week of early-winter weather, I've hit a dramatically different Indian summer. From here, I should be fine.
     I wouldn't say that I advanced the state of photography any great deal during the visit, but it was an interesting insight into the town of Jackson. The high points were the two backpacks and an hour-forty-five run out to Trapper Lake and back. Clearly, I need to shift my primary motivation towards doing and away from photographing. Amazing wildlife in the area. Fall is the time to see it. I've now seen seven of the nine North American charismatic megafauna: Bears, Elk, Moose, Deer, Bison, Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep. I haven't seen a wolf or mountain lion...

Cottonwoods along the Snake River

Huckleberry in autumn color

Middle Teton, sunrise

Bear below Surprise Lake

Huckleberry and Mountain Ash

The Tetons

Bison near Antelope Flats

Elk near Antelope Flats

The Snake River, autumn sunrise

Aspen leaf and raindrops, Teton foothills

Backlit Aspens above Antelope Flats

Dusk twilight on Leigh Lake

Self-portrait by firelight, Leigh Lake

Sunrise over Leigh Lake

Autumn frost below Trapper Lake


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